Marlene, an artist and art teacher, lives with her family in a beautifully furnished house in the rural part of Munich. Together with her husband, three children, a cat and a dog, she has created a harmonious home that combines creativity and cosiness. Large glass doors make her studio, which is also located in her home, appear bright. There is room for creativity here!

In addition to art, meditation also plays an important role in Marlene's life, both in combination with her artistic work and as a separate part of her life. Together with a friend, she runs meditation courses that invite participants to look inwards.

Hi Marlene, your home is so stylish and personalised. Beautiful!

Marlene: When you work in creative professions, this is reflected in all areas of life. Our house was an old locksmith's shop. Together with a friend who is an architect, we had it remodelled according to our ideas.

How and when did you discover your passion for painting?

Marlene: Well, I have to start from the beginning. My mum would have liked to be a painter, but she lived in a time when this profession was not yet so accessible to women. Nevertheless, I always had art in mind as a child, my father was a lawyer and his hobby and passion was sculpture. My parents collected artworks by local artists and we visited many exhibitions together. So my interest in art has always been there. Translated with (free version)

During my training as a communications graphic designer, I quickly realised that I couldn't develop as freely as I would have liked. My creativity was very restricted by customised customer orders and working on the computer. So I studied art education and art history in Munich and have been working as an art educator ever since and as a freelance artist for several years.

What does creative freedom mean to you and how do you show it in your pictures?

Marlene: For me, my art is a journey to myself and a longing to express myself. My independence as an artist has been growing for about six years. Before that, I was busy with my family and my three children. But now something new is emerging. Through this time, I have become more unconditional and am taking my own space. I connect my inner self with my art.

The way I paint has a lot to do with me. It is an emotional process that I bring to my canvases, something very intimate. I realise that this kind of expression touches people and I always find it exciting how differently my art is interpreted.

That sounds exciting! Do you ever ask those around you for their opinion when you're working on one of your pictures?

Marlene: Oh yes! Especially my youngest daughter, she is my best counsellor. My art is a constant process and sometimes I don't know whether a picture is finished or not. I took one painting out again after two years because I knew the whole time that something was still missing. Then I simply went over it again with different colours and added to the work I had done at the time. I always work on several pieces at the same time, sometimes I need a certain distance to be able to continue.

What materials do you work with? And do you know from the outset which materials you will use for a new painting?

Marlene: I work with acrylic, pencil, coloured pencil and oil pastels on canvas or paper. I never know beforehand which materials I will use. My idea is to move as freely as possible within limited circumstances. That is also what I want to convey to the outside world: to what extent can I savour myself in given spaces and stand up for myself.

Neben deiner Kunst beschäftigst du dich viel mit dir, deinen Emotionen und gibst auch Meditationskurse, wie kam es dazu?

Marlene: A few years ago, I did a shamanic training programme. A friend and I got together before coronavirus and offered meditation evenings and one-day seminars on body awareness. Without much advertising, the courses were full. The need for mindfulness, peace and awareness of one's own body seems to move many people.

Are you connecting your two worlds?

Marlene: For me in any case. Meditating and burning incense help me to get into my creative mood. Less so in the courses, as the participants are very different and everyone has their own needs. I try to take the pressure off everyone and free them from demands and expectations. For many people, it's difficult to let go and do something they can't control, especially in everyday life. My courses are a good place to practise this.

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