Christmas is just around the corner - again! You know when December goes by so quickly and you still haven't got all your presents together a week before Christmas? No problem! Here's a little DIY for you that not only appeals to everyone, but is also really practical. Of course, it also makes a great gift for birthdays or other occasions.


What you need for your last-minute gift

  • Residual material:
    • approx. 50x50cm
    • It is best to use a fabric that does not fray at the edges - wool or felt is perfect for this
  • Scissors
  • Protractor
  • Tailor's chalk (if you don't have any, you can also draw on the fabric with a bar of soap)
  • Sewing machine

And that's it already! So grab your things and let's go!

The mobile phone holder can be used for more than just charging. Put your charging cable or headphones in it and turn it into a small case for travelling. You'll never have to search for tangled cables in your bag again.

Step 1 - create the cut

In the picture you can see the dimensions of our mobile phone holder, make sure that the dimensions of your mobile phone and your adapter match. To ensure that it is stable and can hold the weight of the mobile phone well, the base consists of two layers.

  • draw the following rectangle on your fabric:
    • Large rectangle ✂️2x: 20×10 cm
    • Small rectangle ✂️1x: 13×10 cm
    • Strap ✂️1x: 2×10 cm
  • Now draw the recess with the dimensions of your adapter in the large rectangle

Step 2 - now it's time to sew

  • we sew everything together in one step - place the 3 rectangles and the strap on top of each other
  • now stitch along the edge at a distance of approx. 0.5 cm (or a foot's width)
  • To ensure that the two layers hold together at the notch, topstitch close to the edge

And your last-minute gift is ready, have fun giving it away!