I’ll bring you flowers

Ji's small flower shop ‘Chaska Nawi’ is located in a Munich street, between restaurants and offices. It smells of fresh flowers as you walk past. You simply have to stop and take a look in the lovingly decorated shop window. Ji has a very special flair for colour and aesthetics, which is reflected in her bouquets.

We met Ji in her shop She told us where her inspiration comes from and what floristry means to her. She is wearing the re.fashion upcycling summer collection, which goes wonderfully with the colourful flowers.

‘Chaska Nawi’, what a beautiful and unusual name. How did it come about and what does it mean?

Ji: The name comes from the Quechua language and means ‘shining eyes’. I came across this word by chance and knew that if I ever had my own shop, I would call it ‘Chaska Nawi’.
However, many then thought it was my name and simply called me Chaska or Mrs Nawi. 😀

When did you know that you wanted to work with flowers?

Ji: After my career as a fashion designer, I knew for sure that floral design was my true passion. I developed a close connection to nature and plants as a child. My mum always decorated everything in our home with flowers. I was fascinated by this effect as a child.

Do you also garden in your free time?

Ji: Unfortunately, I don't have time for it at the moment, but when I have my own garden one day, I want to plant it with my favourite flowers.

Wie hat sich die Floristik in den letzten Jahren entwickelt und siehst du irgendwelche Trends für die Zukunft?

Ji: The world of floristry has undergone a fascinating development in recent years. It has become a source of inspiration for modern home decor. I think this change is wonderful! For me, designing with flowers is not only a creative way of expressing myself, but also a way of conveying emotions and moods.

In the future, I see floral design as an even more important part of interior design. As it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also brings a personal and unique touch to any room.

How do you choose your flowers?

Ji: For my commissions, I choose seasonal flowers wherever possible, and I attach great importance to the combination of colours, movement forms and textures.

Climate change is already being felt in many areas, how does it affect your work?

Ji: As a florist, I am experiencing the effects of climate change first hand: the availability of my favourite flowers is fluctuating, the quality and shelf life is less predictable and prices are changing. All of this influences my creative work. But these challenges motivate me to focus even more on sustainability in order to do my bit for the environment.


Which jobs do you like best?

Ji: We have some customers who trust us completely and allow us to unleash our creativity: from the conceptualisation to the finished decoration. I particularly enjoy doing these jobs, it's just more fun when I can contribute my own ideas.

Which cooperation has stuck in your mind in particular?

Ji: I particularly like commissions such as the design of the MARS-VENUS-SAAL in the Bavarian National Museum. We were allowed to design a gigantic backdrop for a wedding there. That was so great!

Do you have something that particularly inspires you?

Ji: My inspiration comes from everywhere: from nature, fashion, architecture and, of course, art.

Be sure to drop by Ji's shop! You can find more inspiration on her website or on our Instagram channel.
We look forward to seeing you!